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i have a phone that i'd like to sell. it's a HTC Fuze.
it is a gorgeous little thing, but i'm not a huge phone person. i stick to my only phone, a Blackburry. ^_^ plus, i'm in dire need of money. =.=
it was a gift from a loved one, but my family comes first.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I is Back! :D with a Minty yet Lovely Package. ^_^

heller you!
i'm back.
i find that having these blogs really clear my mind. which is good! *thumbs up*
like Anazara said, patience. and i will. just go with the flow i guess. (:

but i is back! woot!
i'm getting all hyper, eventho i don't have many readers, or commenters. D:
but it's ok. (:

so anyways!
i got an early birthday gift! woot woot!
it's from my friend's momma. she's just like my auntie, so i call her Ahjumma (korean for auntie, since we love Korean schuff a lot. xD)
so i got this by mail before my real package came. x_O

bless you Ahjumma Nikki for getting my favorite Bath & Body Works Collection!
i LOVE White Citrus. so clean and fresh smelling. (:

hours later, my real package came. she talked about hair things, and i was happy!
i'm not an avid user of hair products, but i do use them when there are occasions and stuff. :D

my auntie, LOVES folica. has everything she needs and wants. xD

i opened the box and was practically screaming! ^_^ i displayed everything just to take a picture of it and reminisce. xD

i LOVE the straightener, even if i haven't used it yet. xD
i haven't used any of the products yet, so yea...
sorry Ahjumma, but i'll get to it.

but kamsamhaminda Ahjumma! 


my birthday is tomorrow. can you believe it? 
even i can't. i swear 13 went by super fast. 
but it's all for the best. i'm gonna be a freshman, and hopefully pwn my work. xD

also! i got a haircut!
exactly four months later. ^_^
and boy and girls! i've had this blog for more than fours months. :O
so quick!
but here's my new haircut. (:
haven't told any of my friends because i wannans surprise them when we hangout on Saturday as my last birthday hangout. ;D

i look so darn innocent! and i am... i think... xD
my hair was cut by a different person, so i wasn't very happy.
i'm not really happy with what she did, but it's ok.
something new, right? :D

so my bangs were shorten, cut off about an inch, and my pointy part at the back wasn't kept pointy. ):
but my bangs look rockin' in the pic, but in real life, it looks crazy!

when i woke up this morning, my bangs were all over the place. NOT a pretty sight!

i also trimmed my hair. my head felt so light and my hair was so thin!
felt pretty nice. ^_^ but that's what my hair looks like when it's straighten.
when it isn't, it's a HUGE mess. =.="

but that's it!
feels good to be back. xD
any birthday wishes?

and i thank you SOOOOO much to the people who read this blog, even if you aren't a follower.
i wish you would leave me a comment tho. (:
and formspring me people! i want questions! grrr!

but thankies again.
especially to Aranza, was i kept calling Arie. xD
she's a sweetheart, and she added me on Facebook. :D
and i'm soo trying to buy piece of her jewelry. she has gorgeous items so check them out at:

till next time (which is tomorrow xD),
<3 - mintylovee. (:

ps! my tooth extraction progress is a success! muhahaah! i PWNing it! 
please read more about it at :

muchos gracias-os. :P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


heya. (:
how are you gals doing?

long time no post, and this will be probably be my last post for awhile. (:

i haven't been feeling well; just not myself.

i've been thinking excessively; something that people aged like me do, but ehh.
i guess i need time to myself. i wish i can go climb a mountain and just breathe mountain air. i need a job to just release myself i guess.

i'll post when something awesome happens, or when i'm just back on track. :D

plus, i have all these fears killing me now. =.="
but i shalls solve it! woot woot!

plus, i just got my tooth extracted and it's a pain BUT being positive is always part of healing faster. ^_^
all about it in my other bloggie : My Journey to Better Tooths. xD

so good-bye for now. (:
stay minty yet lovely, yuhh hear?

<3 - stacy. (:

i LOVE reading; well books that interest me. XD
i love the Mortal Instruments series.

whole buncha adventure, with a dash of sarcasm and comedy on top, along with a side of romance.


ps! i love all the followers that i have with alll my heart. i can't even express how happy i am to even reach five.
thankies tonssssssss. ^_^

i've been going crazy with music lately. xD
alotttta comebacks with Korean artists. :D
listening to music alllll day long. <3

Thursday, July 15, 2010


i can't help myself but to post this!

i read this on yahoo and i find it pure cuteness.
plus i saw a christmas video of our family when i was four and started to bawl like a monkey.

if monkeys cried bucket loads, then yes; i was like a monkey. xD

it just brought so much emotions, since i didn't remember a thing of my past.
so i happy. (:

but anyways!
check out this thing. xD The inexplicable fashion fads of our childhoods

i remember the rubber shoes! i was obsessed with light-up shoes when i was younger. my mom told me. ^_^

so that's it!
just a quick share. :D

<3 - mintylovee. (:

My Room! Well Part of it...

Konnichiwa mintylovelies-san. ^_^

is it san or sam? XD

but this is just a filler post. rofl!
i want to use Herbal Essences twice before any judgement. :}

so i finally cleaned my room!
looks all nice and schuff. :D



nice huh?

so that's it!
i'm working on a 'home remedies,' post currently. :D
see yerr on the next post. 
<3 - mintylovee. (:

ps! comment replies aren't going to be done in posts anymore.
i'll just stalk your blog and reply there. jk! 
i'll reply; no stalky. xD <3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wal-Mart Haul-issssh.

heller my mintylovelies! :D
haven't made an 'official,' post in awhile. 
i wish i still got comments. *sad face*
but whatevers!
let's all beeee happy. ^_^

so i went to Wal-Mart yesterday with mee mums and bro. i went to look for the Goody Spin Pins, but they were replaced by some other product. =.="
but anyways!

i haven't done a hair history post (rofl!) but i will do that sooner, NOT later. :D
but a small lesson is that it's as dry as the Sahara and not even close shiny OR soft. ):
i blame chemicals! grrr!!

so i've went through a lot of products for me hair, all drugstore brands tho (Bumble & Bumble has caught me eye).
i did some research and Herbal Essences caught my eye. i went to there website and was REALLY happy to see that they have like a little survey/test that asks about your hair and the products that best suit it. ^_^

and my results were:

Herbal Essences' Reconditioning Shampoo (left) and Conditioner (right) 
for dry/damaged hair.
both were $2.97. ^_^ 
i read reviews and they say a bottle costs about 8 bucks. whoa! O_O

i haven't used them yet, so no review... YET!

i also bought containers to sort things out. like clean my room and stuff... which i haven't gotten to yet... xD
but it was five bucks, GREEN!, 16 pieces, GREEN!, which is equal to 8 GREEN! sets. :D

so that's it!
nothing new, nothing crazy. (:
everyone having a good summer?
hope so!

<3 - mintylovee. (: